Clover/Coriander CD

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Clover/Coriander, the debut release from Brooklynites Quilty, is the culmination of three years of protracted gestation in which guitarist/vocalist Sadie Dupuis, an MIT dropout-turned-Columbia poet, and drummer Julian Fader (ex-Le Rug) recorded and re-recorded their creepy, catchy Pixies-styled anthems in a bevy of basements across the East Coast.

Their patience paid off. Clover/Coriander is a taut, fiery group of songs that recalls lo-fi stalwarts Sebadoh and Guided By Voices just as well as it embraces new wave shoegazers Autolux and Deerhunter. Recorded by Fader and Carlos Hernandez (Ava Luna) and featuring a shifting line-up of guest musicians, the album traverses effortlessly from the “gloriously pulverizing” guitars of “Supernova” to “Mr Benjamin Watson,” a track lauded as “the best song Blur never got to write for their self-titled album” by Over all of this, Dupuis’ vocals fluctuate between sweetly fragile, lazily sarcastic and violently confrontational, resulting in an aesthetic akin to PJ Harvey’s Rid of Me.

Mixed by Jared O’Connell (A Brief Smile) and mastered by TW Walsh (Soft Drugs, ex-Pedro The Lion), Clover/Coriander is “power-packed…grunge-rock glory” (Praise for Wallflower) and “speaker-rattling…slacker anti-energy” (Ampeater Review).

Every decade, the battle between disco and rock rages anew. Autotune and ‘80s synth throwbacks defined the ‘00s. And just as grunge took cues from ‘70s hard rock, Cooling Pie Records bets the 2010s will have you rummaging through your Sub Pop Singles and watching Reality Bites on repeat. Quilty’s already established their dedication to ‘90s revivalism. Throw on your thrift store flannel and come along with them.